New, seamless ways to engage customers.

We partner with businesses to craft unique mobile-to-mortar engagements that supercharge the shopping experience and grow customer loyalty, using the power of proximity.


Wifi + Bluetooth Low Energy enabled beacons are powerfully small, for attractive placement just about anywhere.

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The Dashboard is the pulse of your business. An easy-to-use toolset makes managing your fleet of beacons as easy as pie. Over-the-air updates are automatic and seamless, performed with a single click. The Dashboard toolset works on any browser, and on any device flawlessly.

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Snapp Apps

Snapp Apps are custom mobile applications that seamlessly interact with your proximity beacons. Easily customize Snapp Apps for your store with instant over-the-air updates. Enable multiple apps from a single beacon and increase your ROI.

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Exclusive Beta Testing

Pre-order a set of (4) or more beacons and receive complimentary 30 days access to the latest beacon Snapp Apps and Dashboard toolset as a Beta Tester. Submit your feature requests!

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